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Season 2 Episode 15:  April 1, 2020

We can't be together in person, but the whiskey women meet online for a game of friendship trivia inspired by the Newly-wed Game and listener questions. 


Season 2 Episode 14: March 11, 2020

Join the Whiskey Women as they learn about Margie Samuels, the matriarch behind the trademark design of Maker's Mark


Season 2 Episode 13: February 26, 2020

We join co-founder of the Texas Whiskey Festival Michelle Clements for a look inside the festival and what is in store for visitors this year. 

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Season 2 Episode 12: February 12, 2020

Our plans for this episode got sidetracked when we encountered a predator in a bar


Season 2 Episode 11: January 29, 2020

The Whiskey Women chat with some of the women of Garrison Brothers and mosey into some cowboy feelings about their Small Batch, Single Barrel, Balmorhea, and Cowboy releases.

Eggs and Bacon

Season 2 Episode 10: January 1, 2020

Special bonus episode! Start your new year right by treating your body kindly


Season 2 Episode 8: December 11, 2019

Creeks and Rivers and Oceans, Oh My! Plenty of brands name their whiskies after the water -- or songs -- that make it all possible. Join Janet and Blair on a lazy trip downstream, from Knob's Creek, Rowan's Creek, Old Whiskey River, and finally out to Jefferson's Ocean. 


Season 2 Episode 7: November 27, 2019

We've heard from some whiskey wizards, but now the whiskey women get to talk to some whiskey witches. Janet and Blair discuss the behind the scenes operations of 73 distillery, women in the industry, and what makes New Orleans such a special place to craft spirits. 

NOLA November Part 1: The Sazerac, The French Quarter Cocktail

Season 2 Episode 6: November 13, 2019

The whiskey women head to New Orleans, Louisiana in search of whiskey cocktails and the perfect sazerac. They discuss beads, music, and everything else NOLA has to offer. 


Season 2 Episode 5: October 30, 2019

In their sweetest episode yet, the Whiskey Women try all sorts of spirit flavored goodies just in time for the greatest candy holiday of all. 


Season 2 Episode 4: October16, 2019

The method of making an old fashioned never changes, but the bitters sure can. The Whiskey Women discuss different flavors and compare them to the stereotypes in hipster culture. 

Whiskey Witches and Wizards: Cottonmouth's Michael J. Neff

Season 2 Episode 3: September 25, 2019

The Whiskey Women sit down with a renowned cocktail creator and bar owner and talk industry and how to bring magic into the experience for bar patrons. 

Bird is the Word: Sampling Whiskies with Avian Namesakes

Season 2 Episode 2: September 03, 2019

How many bird puns can fit into one episode? The Whiskey Women find out.

Whiskey Women On the Road:  Austin Edition

Season 2 Episode 1: August 14, 2019

The Whiskey Women reunite and talk summer cocktails, road trip favorites, and excitement for Season Two. 

Bonded, Whiskey Bonded

Episode 15: March 3rd, 2019

We talk whiskey standards, James Bond stereotypes, and imagine our own franchise. 

My Brother's Bar: Staples of a Personal Bar

Episode 14: February 13, 2019

We talk party guests, delicious scotch, and Blair goes on a decanter-rant(er). 

Dry-Uary Mocktails: Options for Those Opting for a Whiskey-less January

Episode 13: January 17, 2019

We know how resolutions work, or don't work, and are here to try the alternatives for those making alcohol-free decisions. 

Thirty & Thirsty: A Whiskey Blairmas to All, and 2018 Good Night

Episode 12: December 20, 2018

In 1988, both Janet and Blair were born, and so they try a whiskey that was distilled then, too.

Here We Come A Whiskey-ing: Hot Whiskey Drinks for the Cold Season

Episode 11: December 7, 2018

The Whiskey Women heat things up with three delicious holiday cocktails. 

Wild Turkey Time: A Thanksgiving Themed Whiskey

Episode 10: November 21, 2018

It's Thanksgiving week and the whiskey women talk tradition and whiskey.

Whiskey Who: A TARDIS and a Dalek Walk Into a British Pub...

Episode Nine October 31, 2018

The whiskey women explore their love of the British scifi classic Doctor Who to their whiskey tasting

War of the Roses: Four Versions of Four Roses Bourbon

Episode Eight: October 17, 2018

Which Four Roses bourbon is best? Janet and Blair crack all the codes. 

Bourbon and Snap: Sampling Cocktails from Reese Witherspoon's Whiskey in a Teacup

Episode Seven: October 3, 2018

Janet and Blair celebrate Elle Woods and the feminist force of Hello Sunshine with some cocktails

Well, Well, Well: Bottom-shelf bourbon

Episode Six: September 26, 2018

The whiskey women drink the cheapest bourbon so you don't have to.

Some Enchanted Whiskey: Sampling the Pacific

Episode Five: September 19, 2018

Janet and Blair sample whiskies from the other side of the planet. 

Manhattan on Manhattans: Cocktails in the City

Episode Four: September 12, 2018

The Whiskey Women take advantage of a trip to NYC to drink like SATC

The Romantic Evolution of Glen: Tasting 12 yr, 15 yr, and 18yr Glenlivet

Episode Three: September 5, 2018

Janet successfully turns Blair into a lover of scotch. 

Something Corny: The Case for Kentucky Bourbons

Episode Two: August 22nd, 2018

The whiskey women discuss Buffalo Trace, Pikesville Rye, and Balcones Baby Blue. 

The Usual Suspects: The Most Commonly Ordered Whiskies

Episode One: August 8th, 2018

Janet and Blair discuss Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Crown Royal, Jameson, and Johnny Walker Black. 

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